Disease, is the effort made by the body to find equilibrium.

Carl Gustav Jung

I organize collective workshops, also on demand. Please check the News page to know the program of past and future events or contact me for more information.

Some topics are listed below. Workshops last between 2 and 3 hours.

Healthy nutrition

Salad by ilco_stock.xchngPhoto by ilker. Creative Commons license

– Introduction to a natural and sustainable “eating style”.

– Pros and cons of animal and vegetal proteins.

– How to chose the best oils and fats and how to use them.

– Simple and complex sugars: roles, properties, uses and inconvenient aspects.

– Simple and healthy ways to cook vegetables.

– Some ideas about breakfast: starting every new day with lots of energy.

– Home made smoothies, ice-creams and raw cakes: all tasty and healthy!

– All about fresh juices: why and how prepare them.

Natural health and wellness

– What is naturopathy?

– How to keep our gut clean and functional?

– Finding in the past some keys to understand the present.

– Seasonal changes: how can we prepare our body?

– Keeping our brain active and young.

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