Dec 192013
Effect of physical exercise on mental health

A beautiful article about the beneficial effects of physical exercise on physical and psychological health. Photo by johnnyberg. License Creative Commons 4 beneficial effects of physical exercise on the brain How sports can increase cognitive abilities and prevent depression. Author: Agnese Mariotti “It is well known that regular physical exercise (PE) improves health and longevity. […]

Nov 142013
Sleep and brain detoxification

In this article Dr. Agnese Mariotti resumes the results of a recent research showing that sleep has an important detoxifying effect on our brain. This is an encouraging finding and supports the essential role that naturopathy (as well as other alternative medicines) gives to high quality sleep in order for the body to clear toxins […]

Oct 182013
Meditation to quit smoking

The positive effect of meditation on our physical and mental health is becoming more and more evident and accepted even by the scientific community. This article resumes recent findings showing how a meditation technique called Integrative Body-Mind Training (IBMT) can help people to quit smoking in a very rapid, efficient and non-invasive way. Photo by […]