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Our first meeting will allow me to know your habits, your personality and your aims. For example, we will focus on the following themes:

  • nutrition,
  • sleep quality,
  • physical activity,
  • quality of the elimination organs,
  • presence of present and/or past diseases,
  • use of medicaments and/or homeopathic/natural treatments.

For you, it will be an opportunity to find out my way of working and the kind of help and tools I can provide you.

We will discuss about the changes and solutions you can adopt, to increase your vitality and develop your healing potential.

The techniques I use, natural and non invasive, mainly arise from naturopathy. They include:

  • Eating habits: diet and nutrition.
  • Hydrology: internal and external use of water to detoxify and revitalize.
  • Physical exercise (Biokinésie): physical exercises to stimulate organs, favor energy recharge and keep the good functioning of the body.
  • Psychology: relaxation and self-development work to better deal with stress, emotions and challenging situations.
  • Magnetism: energy recharge to improve self-healing.
  • Phytotherapy: use of plants, essential oils, Bach’s flowers to drain, purify and revitalize the organism.
  • Reflexology: work on specific points to stimulate and energetically recharge some organs.
  • Chiropractic techniques: physical manipulations and massages to drain toxins, relax and revitalize.
  • Actinology (vibration-based techniques): use of light, colors, sounds and smells to favor the psychophysical equilibrium.
  • Breathing techniques: breathing exercises to improve tissues oxygenation and cellular metabolism.

Meetings are first of all exchange moments. They serve to follow the evolution of the situation and progressively introduce new knowledge and instruments you can use in your daily life.

The first session lasts about 2h30, the following sessions 1h/1h30.

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